Euro 2008 was a tournament to Judi Poker Uang Asli savour

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Back in England a week on from the end of Euro 2008, the tournament still looks as impressive as it did in the Alps. I am not relishing another stolid European club season, dominated by the tawdry money of the big teams, so for the last time, I am looking back on what was a refreshing festival of football, the sort of which comes around only every few years:


How was the play?


Very good, on the whole, refreshingly adventurous and attacking. Only France v Romania seemed to have come from planet boredom. The French Judi Poker Uang Asli appeared to have a cloud over them all tournament, while Romania strangely failed to turn the screw when they needed to in their final group game, so deserved to leave early, too.


Croatia v Turkey was not easy to sit through for two hours, but that was rather down to one team buttoning down the hatches and trying to frustrate another which was playing with winning ambition.


The Dutch were irresistible for two games, while Spain danced their way to the trophy delightfully throughout.


Portugal were also great to watch and Croatia were not bad, while even minnows like Austria and Switzerland showed enough fighting spirit to commend their efforts. Turkey’s late-late comebacks were thrilling, making up for a lack of the beautiful game with exciting attacking.


That leaves Poland and the Czechs as fairly forgettable, although they did at least play to win. Germany, as always, never dazzled but dazed as they ground out more impressive results to add to their endless roll of honour, while Greece could not make lightning strike twice with their safety-first and negative game plans. In their defense, one might argue that Greece were only making the …

Qatar Stars League Togel Online Week 1

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Al Sadd start with a bang!



Al Sadd are desperate for silverware after two years without a single title at the domestic and international levels. The team signed three players who competed in the recently-concluded World Cup in South Africa — Ivorian Abdul Kader Keita, Algerian Nadir Belhadj and South Korean Lee Jung-Soo.


The club’s campaign got off to a roaring start when they defeated last season’s Emir’s Cup winners and arch-rivals Al Rayyan 1-0 in front of packed audiences and FIFA’s inspectors for the Qatar 2022 Bid.


The game lived up to expectations as Qatar’s derby-event. Both teams employed an open-ended and heavily attacking style of football. Keita, always dangerous, did not disappoint his new employers. Although he missed some opportunities early on, he made no mistakes in heading in the ball just before the end of first half. Although it looked like an off-side, and Al Rayyan players protested, the referee let it stand.


Al Rayyan players too offered glimpses of their Togel Online attacking depth. They are a formidable side and along with holder Al Gharafa and Umm Salal will make the Qatar Stars League much more exciting than in previous seasons.


Qatar Stars League newcomers Lakhwiya left fans stunned with a clinical 4-0 dismantling of minnows Al Sailiya. The club has invested heavily in local and overseas players. Striker Mohammed Razzaq scored all four goals (56th, 59th, 62nd and 89th). Al Saililiya looked tough nuts to crack in the first half, but were rendered useless in the second. They seemed to have given up after conceding the first goal.


AFC Champions League semifinalists Umm Salal conceded a late goal and drew 2-2 with Al Arabi. Earlier, they had come back strongly from a goal down to take …

African Cup of Nations Dominoqq Review




Soccerphile’s Ross Clegg found a working PC to email in this review of the action at the African Cup of Nations in Ghana.


African Cup of NationsSo far the tournament has produced some good games and some great goals. The stadiums are just pure noise with fans all Dominoqq just making their own sounds in little groups. So whilst there is an atmosphere inside the stadiums, it is definitely not your European one.


These groups of fans are partly made up of companies who have transported workers in and they all sit together with the same t-shirts on and sing together. I heard the longest ever version of “Michael Rode The Boat Ashore” at the opening match.


Travelling between games you take your life in your hands as you can count sometime on more than one hand the number of vehicles, normally container lorries, lying abandoned by the side of the road.


The venues are not too far apart but the state of the roads means that it is something of a chore travelling from place to place. My longest journey to date is 12 and a half hours from Tamale to Accra overnight by minibus, through bandit country!


Ghanaians have been very friendly especially handing in passports that foreigners lose.


Still trying to buy tickets officially but I have not managed it yet. The police are arresting locals who have sold tickets for 2 pounds more than face value. Ghana Commercial Bank which is meant to sell the tickets, keep telling me to come back tomorrow, which is a common Ghanaian phrase which also translates as try again later.


J-League Fixture List announced


The 2008 J-League fixture list has been announced, with the season kicking off on March 8 …

United Should Sign David Beckham This Summer for Bandar Bola

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Forget about all the talented players that have been linked with a move to Old Trafford this year, one player Manchester United should seriously consider signing this summer who would prove to be pivotal and important, is David Beckham.


No, I have not been making the most of the reasonably priced alcohol down at my local Weatherspoons!


Reading the start of this article will have had the word ‘Glazernomics’ going through most supporters heads. I am not suggesting we bring him back as a player,


Beckham is clearly passed it, but as an ambassador of the club who would assist in the signing of future talent in a transfer market that United are clearly struggling in, what do you think of my idea now then?


Since 2009 the transfer market has seen United lose out to Karim Benzema, Alexis Sanchez, Samir Nasri, and most recently Eden Hazard. United officially identified all of these players through their scouting network, and placed bids to try and secure the services of the exciting talents of World football.


Some supporters will feel that the Glazers are responsible for not capturing these future talents, but it seems to me that the creme da la creme of world footballers are no longer attracted to the name Manchester United, the teams history, it’s global fan base, or playing in front of 76,000 spectators at the famous Old Trafford.


I remember a time when players with the calibre of Roy Keane turned down increased personal terms from other clubs, simply because he said he “could not miss out on the opportunity to play for Manchester United”, it seems that times are changing rapidly in football.


You hear of so many ex-United Bandar Bola players stating that they could …


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Add Titan Casino to your safe senders list


I know, we are all inundated with “too much” email these days.  Our work, our family, our friends…. They just don’t stop sending.  How much more corresponding can we take!?!


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Win a pink Dell Inspiron laptop at Titan Bingo


If you’re a woman yourself, or related to one, or happen to love one, or at least know one, then it’s likely you celebrated Women’s Day with the women of the world on March 8th.


International Women’s Day (IWD), is an annual celebration of women held in most countries across the globe.  Some see it as a day to express respect for the struggle of women in history and politics, while others see it as an opportunity to express additional love and appreciation for our mothers, sisters, friends and selves.


At Titan Bingo, we’re actually celebrating Women’s Day all month long with our special Here Come the Girls promotion.  The ladies in particular will love this promotion, but it is of course, open to all.


From March 1st-31st, the Here Come the Girls promotion features a weekly draw for a pink Dell Inspiron laptop valued at £1600.  There’s no special time to play and entry is automatic.  If you win a game of bingo, your name is automatically entered in the draw. The weekly winner’s name is then pulled from a hat each Monday throughout the month of March, starting from March 8th. If you win, well then lucky you – you get to walk away with a shiny new bright pink Dell laptop.


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The World Series of Poker* (WSOP*), running since 1970, is an annual poker event in Las Vegas. This year marks the 41st time that this series of huge togel singapore tournaments (the biggest on the yearly poker circuit) …

VIP Togel Singapore Players Can Win a $5,000 Travel Package at Party Casino

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Party Casino introduces a slot game that is exclusively for VIP Players, and gives away five $5,000 weekend  travel packages during the Palladium Slot Launch Party. Collect as many points as you can on the Palladium Slot, and make your way to the top in this leader board promotion.


VIP Only Promotion

The Palladium Slot Launch Party is exclusively for Party Casino VIPs. The promo has just kicked off and will last until the end of July. The main aim of this leader board promotion is to collect points while spinning the reels of the Palladium Slot.


The Prizes

Party Casino is all about big prizes, and the top 50 finishers on the leader board will be treated with holiday packages and cash prizes. The top 5 finishers will win a $5,000 weekend travel package, and can pick from every exotic destination they desire.


Furthermore, cash prizes ranging from $2500 to $100  will be available for all players up to the 50th place finisher.


The $5,000 Weekend Travel Package

The $5,000 weekend packages consist of $1,500 for the stay in a luxury hotel, up to $2,000 for airfare, and $1,500 to spend freely during the weekend. If you are a VIP player then head over to Party Casino and join this great leader board promotion.


As Holidays Approach, Online Casino Jackpots Making Players Happy


CashSplashThe holiday season has arrived and for online casinos that means a time to both give and receive. The online casinos are packed around the holidays with customers who have extra days off, and they also are rewarding these customers with frequent slot jackpots.


In the past day, some heavy jackpots have been hit at online casinos around the world. The largest of these jackpots came on …


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The allure of baccarat is one of the most historic of any casino game. It dates back to the middle ages, when the game was played with parts of a Tarot deck. It originated in Italy and migrated to France, where it became the game of the aristocracy. The word “baccarat” means “zero” in Italian.

Eventually, baccarat evolved into European baccarat and the French game chemin de fer (French for “railroad”). Each game gives the bank one slight rule variation that makes the game an even proposition for the casino and for the players. Chemin de fer is essentially the same game as today’s casino game of baccarat, but one of the players banks the game, rather than the casino. The “banker” denotation rotates around the table. The casino takes no risk and merely charges a fee from each banker.


What is known as American baccarat actually originated in England and spread to South America. It was introduced into Las Vegas at the infamous Dunes casino in the late 1950s after the Cuban government closed the Havana casinos.


Because it is so elegantly appointed, with marble, chandeliers, plush chairs and more, you might think that baccarat is still the game of the aristocracy. You’d be right. Many of the world’s highest rollers make it their game of choice. Stories abound about rich men-and women-who bet millions of dollars during one session. Casino revenues on the Las Vegas Strip rise and fall precipitously according to the casinos’ fortunes at the baccarat tables.


Since the middle ages baccarat has been considered the game of the rich. When it was introduced into Las Vegas, casino managers tried to maintain that aura, and succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations. High rollers from around the world today visit Las Vegas to …

Prediksi bola jitu Irak vs Oman – Togel Hongkong

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Di lanjutan West Asian Federation Championship pada musim kali bakal menghadirkan aksi yg cukup spektakuler juga menarik, dimana di dalam pekan kesempatan ini akan mempertemukan kedua team yang tercampur dalam group B. Team yg akan bersinggungan kesempatan itu yakni Iraq yang bakal melayani perlawanan dari skuad Oman, & kompetisi ke-2 kesebelasannya periode ini bakal berjalan di Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium di dalam 1 Januari 2014.test1


Iraq tentunya di perjuangan kesempatan itu hendak bertanding habis-habisan untuk mampu meraih poin maksimum, & tentunya siap langsung bersaing dan sanggup bagi mampu ada di puncak klasemen group. Dengan kekuataan kesebelasannya yang dimiliki tatkala ini pasti memproduksi pelatih Iraq percaya perjuangan kali tersebut bakal mampu menjadi milik mereka, sekiranya tentunya pada aksi periode itu pemain makin solid dan bisa terus tampil mengurung kesebelasannya lawan.


Oman tentu dalam perjuangan itu Togel Hongkong cukup sulit dalam siap menjuarai kancah, sebab lawan yang mereka hadapi adalah kru yg luar biasa hebat dan berbahaya. Tapi tentu anggota Oman bakal bersikut habis-habisan buat dapat memenangkan kompetisi kali tersebut dan sanggup untuk mampu meraih angka maksimum, dengan tujuan besar tentunya tokoh Oman hendak menampilkan permainan yang terbaik & bermain kian pede dalam duel itu.


Di dalam duel kesempatan ini tentunya kesebelasannya Oman inginkan bisa buat sanggup mengelukkan anggota lawan, sebagaimana di duel pertemuan terakhir saat melawan tim Iraq yang mana kru Oman dapat menang dgn skor 1-0. Namun pada kompetisi itu kru Iraq yang berkemungkinan besar dapat utk dapat memenangi kompetisi tersebut, dgn memandang penampilan dan kekuataan kesebelasannya yang dimiliki saat ini pasti kian baik serta ini hendak bisa beri kesebelasannya Iraq untuk sanggup mendekatkan poin maksimum.


Perkiraan Susunan Pemain Irak vs Oman:


Irak : Muthana Khalid, Qusay Munir, Ahmad Ibrahim Khalaf, Husam Kadhim, Noor Sabri, Salam Shakir, Ali Rehema, Karrar Jassim, Halkard Mulla …

Mobile Judi Online Gambing At US Casinos

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The mobile online gambling market is booming in 2013. The demand for mobile casinos has been exploding in recent years due to the availability of cheap smart phones and tablets. It seems like you can do more on an iPhone today than you could on a regular computer a decade ago. Online casinos in Europe were the first to move into the mobile gambling market, but U.S. casinos have been catching up fast. USA mobile casinos online in 2013 include some of the oldest in the business, along with some newer start-ups that specialize in mobile gaming. There are two types of online casino available to mobile users in the US. The first is a web-based platform that is mobile friendly. The next is a mobile casino app. The former is easier to do but the latter provides a better experience in my opinion.


Mobile Casino Gambling Tips

To be honest I am not an expert on mobile casino gambling or smart phones. Luckily for me some US casinos even allow users to play on the Wii, something I do a lot. It’s not true mobile gaming but it is related. Not many casinos offer this service though. Slotland seems to be the leader in all forms of mobile gambling at online casinos USA. Here is a list of mobile and gaming systems they support:








Slotland does not use apps for their mobile gambling service. They have simply developed a mobile friendly section on their web site that works perfectly on just about any system.


Slotland has been around since the late 90′s and are one of the most recognized online casino brands in the USA. You can visit their mobile platform on most smart phones and tablets, create …