High Stakes 먹튀사이트Series 4 episode 13

Anyone that has watched thie episode will know the main pot of the show was the first pot, between Jamie Gold and 먹튀사이. Jamie Gold shouted ‘I call’ over 30 times, surely he know Farha had AA, everyone else at the table knew, Farha for some reason checked on the river probably partly out of confusion to Gold constant ranting and shouting but partly because ‘I like you’. There is no doubt Farha knew he had Gold beat so why didn’t he go all in on the river if he know Gold would call, it’s poker after all!

Hopefully they will get rid of Gold next season, sure he makes Good TV but it’s getting repetitive, Bring back Negreanu! Hell I would rather they brang back the poker brat Hellmuth!

Hopefully next week will be an improvement and we might even see some action from Brunson!

Shelf Stacker wins $96,000 tournament

Daniel Booth won a whopping $96,000 first prize at Sky city Casino in Adelaide (australia)

What’s more remarkable is that this relative poker newcomer has only been playing for 5 months! The tournament usually comes with a $3,000 buyin however booth won entry through a series of regional tournaments.

Poker pro Joe Hachem (2022 wsop winner) was also involved in the tournament

High stakes poker series 3 episode 12

Just done watching this episode, Jamie Gold was involved in the biggest pots of the whole season.

Gold/Antonius were involved in a pot worth around $750k, they then played the hand 3 times and ended up splitting the pot 2/3 and 1/3

However all in all it was quite a boring episode,

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Sealand, the tiny ‘country’ located 12km from british shores has opened an online casino.

With a population of just 27 Sealand is offering tax free gambling for people accross the world, the casino is governed by the people of sealand and offers all the usual casino games (but not poker yet)

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The main discussion on day 1 at the 2022 world poker finals was about a hand involving J.C. Tran and another player who wished to remain nameless.

Both players were involved in the pot, the flop comes 995 J.C. Tran and player 2 go all in, Tran reveals a 9 for trips, player 2 instantly mucks his hands before seeing the turn and river.

The dealer however shows player 2’s hand to reveal A 7 offsuit, the turn and river reveal 6 and 8 to give player 2 a straight. After much debating the pot is awarded to player 2 dispite the fact he mucked his hand. J.C. Tran insited on seeing video footage but to no avail and was out of the tournament, player 2 is still in with $25,000 chips.