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Add Titan Casino to your safe senders list


I know, we are all inundated with “too much” email these days.  Our work, our family, our friends…. They just don’t stop sending.  How much more corresponding can we take!?!


It’s tempting to give a false email address or one you never use, when encountered with the “threat” of even more email. But don’t let the desire to get less mail prevent you from getting the mail you truly need.


And you certainly need Titan Casino emails, especially if you want to receive our special promotions, with big cash bonuses and money back guarantee offers (and we know you love cash prizes).  On the really practical side, it is also important to get our emails for the purpose of deposits, withdrawals and official correspondences, including notification of winnings.


But even if you use your regular email address when signing up, it is possible that our emails are not making it through to your inbox due to the strict anti-spam filters provided by many internet services.


So if you haven’t already done so, follow the simple instructions on our website, and make sure to add Titan Casino to your safe sender list.


While you’re at it, you should probably add both as well as, just be on the safe side.




Introducing togel hongkong Bet


The Titan family is growing, right before our eyes, as Titan Bet – a site destined to become the number one website for sports betting – kicks into action soon. is a full service sports betting site that covers all types of leagues and sports from around the world, offering players real-time, live betting opportunities– meaning they can place bets on games as they happen.


Committed to bringing you the best in sports betting, this site allows all sports fans to bet on their favorite player, team or game.  Sports and leagues covered include soccer, rugby, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, cricket, and more.


In terms of soccer, or footie as you may have it, Titan Bet covers all of the major European leagues, as well as many lower leagues from around the world, including South America, Asia, Australia, Japan and more.


Titan Bet also has markets for the North American professional leagues – NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL – as well as for US college football and basketball.  (Please note, as with all Titan sites, due to legal restrictions, sports betting is not available to bettors within the United States).


In addition to the comprehensive sports offering, to complete the package, and help you make an educated betting choice, Titan Bet continuously provides site visitors with up-to-date statistics, live scores and results on sporting events around the world, via a user-friendly, easy to navigate interface.


Our sportsbook delivers the same level of quality from Titan Casino and Titan Poker, to the world of sports bets, bringing you all of the benefits that you have come to expect from a Titan brand site including professional 24/7 customer service, exclusive promotions, safe and secure gaming, and the best overall betting you can find online.


Another great and entirely unique feature is the shared wallet – which allows you to use your Titan Poker account (and vice versa) to place bets on Titan Bet.


With up to 7500 daily bets, in over 20 sports categories, and an amazing selection of domestic leagues, matches and events, the odds are this is a sports betting site you’ll truly enjoy.


So get ready to place your sports bets, as Titan Bet is going live any day now